How it Works

So What Do We Do Exactly?

We tailor all of our solutions to suit your unique and exact needs

We are not estate agents and unlike an estate agent we don’t just have the one tired method of selling a house which is list the property, if it doesn’t sell within 3 weeks reduce the price, wait another 3 weeks and then reduce the price again until it either sells or you have no equity left in the house.

We have a variety of ways in which we have assisted other homeowners just like you such as:

  • We have paid the equity out of the property and then pay the monthly mortgage amount of the loan until the banks start lending again and then purchase the property at some point down the line
  • We have paid most of the money for the property now and then some more later
  • We have rented the property for a 5 year period with an option to buy it within the five year period
  • We have marketed properties in a unique way aimed at first time buyers and have successfully sold the properties in this way whilst achieving full market value

In these times of global financial crisis where finance from banks is hard to come by and first time buyers are going the way of the dinosaur you need to find other ways to sell a property and we have some cutting edge methods which we would like to share with you as we have with other frustrated homeowners who have now sold and moved on with their new lives.

These are just a few of the ways in which we have helped other homeowners to move on and I guess the question is if it worked for them why couldn’t it work for you as well?

We look forward to a commitment free chat to see how we can move from “FOR SALE” to SOLD” in the quickest, simplest way possible.

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