The Mortgage Market Review

Mortgage Market Review The press has been talking recently about the “Mortgage Market Review” and its potential effect on mortgage lending in the UK but what does it mean to you and I when we are trying to borrow money to buy a home. So why did the review even take place? Well back in […]

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Property Market Boom – But Why?

Property Market Analysis – Why The Property Market Boom? The press is once again full of news of the property market analysis of the current boom taking our lives by storm! It seems you can’t turn on the TV without a self-proclaimed property expert telling us how good, or bad, this is for the man […]

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Will Interest Rates Rise and What Will Be The Effect?

When will interest rates rise? And what will be the effect? So, the housing market is going amazingly with double digit annual price increases being predicted by the press so all is well with the market isn’t it? Well no it isn’t, two of the government’s priorities are to find homes for first time buyers […]

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Tips on Ways to Sell Your House Fast

If you find yourself in a spot where you need to sell your house fast, it can seem like a very difficult prospect. Generally, people who sell their house must wait weeks or months for a sale to finally go through on their property. However, if you are careful, there are ways you can sell […]

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When You Are Looking to Sell Your House Fast Consider Using a Professional

When you are looking to sell your home quickly, there is a difference between simply selling it to the first person that you come across, and taking the initiative to do the right kind of research to make sure that you find the right buyer quickly. Research the market to sell your house fast Just […]

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How to Avoid a Broken House Chain When Trying to Buy or Sell a Home

Broken House Chain In a world where all things seem to be connected in some way, the one thing most everyone wishes to keep connected, are the links that exist between properties when it comes time to buy and sell homes. A broken house chain strikes frustration and aggravation into the hearts of everyone at […]

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How To Sell Your Property Fast!

If you have been trying to sell your home for the last few months without success we have some good news for you – Christmas and the period leading up to it is the most difficult time of the year to sell. That means that if you are looking to sell you have more chance […]

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UK House Prices- What happened in 2013 and what will happen this year?

Sell Your House Fast By Keeping Up With The Market If you need to sell your house fast then you need to know what is happening with the property market so that you can judge the best time to sell or the best method, based on current conditions, to achieve a quick sale. Here is […]

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The Most Common Credit Mistakes in 2013

Today,, a consumer services authority site that focuses on loan options for those people with poor or no credit, revealed the most frequently incurred credit slip ups. In an effort to help the public avoid these mistakes in the future, has offered suggestions to help overcome these credit troubles in 2013. Making Late […]

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House sale failures up by a third

So how many house sales fell over in the last months of 2011? Half a million according to online conveyancing service Large numbers of buyers were taking their homes off the market due to “sheer frustration”, although half of them lost an average of £5,500. The major reason sales didn’t complete was lack of […]

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